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Two groupies bring the CampusRider™ to you. One is a mechanical engineer with extensive product design experience. He has honed every detail of the scooter for you. Gary Briggs and Bill Schugt The other brings 35 years of satisfying customers in the recreation field. He has brought the ultimate in "user friendliness" to the CampusRider™ for your enjoyment.

We have developed your CampusRider™ for a 20 second deployment from the folded configuration. It folds for carrying into the classroom in 20 seconds also. The light weight scooter will sit beside your classroom desk or stow under your chair. We introduced the 8" pneumatic rubber tires for ease and softness of ride.

The folding nature of the CampusRider™ is a totally unique breakthrough in engineering and design - it is what makes your CampusRider™ scooter truly unique. College women and men use the Campus Rider™ with equal ease. The folding feature is "designed in" and requires little effort.



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The CampusRider is made in the USA